Ayurveda Treatments

Specialty of ayurveda treatment is in its vision.1.Treatments planned for the diseased.2.Rejuvenating treatments for the healthy.

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Ayurveda Products

We have a wide variety of ayurvedic medicines manufactured by using big variety of pure wet and dry herbals Mothers Grace Ayurveda Hospital

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Ayurveda Courses

Choosing the courses of 6 months may change the attitude to lift. It is studying the vast knowledge of Ayurveda in a capsule form.

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Ayurveda Tourism

Munnar is one of the magnificent attractions of Kerala with vast stretches of tea and spice plantations lining the winding roads

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We believe in proclaiming the saying Health is Wealth. Ayurveda is a holostic system of medicine and it is literally known as the science of life.Ayurveda is made up of two sanskrit word.

    Dr. Mani Jose MD                   Dr. Amitha Mani BAMS          Dr. Radhakrishnan R BAMS,MD

(Visiting Consultant Russia)

Mother'S Grace Ayurveda Hospital


Since 1993 in kerala, "Gods Own Country" PVJ Resort Vagamon have been in the forefront to provide the best ayurveda treatment services against wide range of diseases.

    Dr. Joseph Jose MD

PVJ ayurveda hospital